Translator Hub August 2016: Release notes

Published August 1, 2016

Support site

We have migrated the support forum to UserVoice. UserVoice allows you to submit ideas, suggestions, and problems, and vote on other people’s ideas, suggestions and problems to solve. You find the UserVoice site for the Hub here. There is also a knowledge base for Hub and API on UserVoice.

Hub API preview

You can now control the Hub functionality with calls to the Hub API. This allows you to automate file uploads, obtain a list of all or any subset of your documents, create projects and start trainings using your own custom application.

A more detailed overview and instructions are here.

New standard category: Humanitarian

We added a new standard category allowing you to train custom systems for humanitarian relief efforts, covering medical, emergency, navigation and infrastructure terminology. Such systems are supported by the vast knowledge of Microsoft’s general domain systems if you choose “[ ] Use Microsoft models” in the training setup.

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